Need an independent expert in any of the below-defined processes—an expert that works in line with your needs and expectations with a focus on your budget goals and timeframe?

Our Fit-Out Services

Taşınma Fit-Test
Teslim ve İşletmeye Alma Teknik Değerlendirme
FF&E Tedariği Mimari ve Mühendislik Tasarım Koordinasyonu
Uygulama Yönetimi

1. Planning

  • Corporate Analysis/Need Identification
  • Architectural Requirements Program
  • Budget and Work Schedule

Having a clear business plan and a time schedule before launching the project, and defining and reviewing your time and cost goals bears critical importance in the success of a project. The first step to that end is to have a comprehensive brief. At PYOfis, we analyze the growth plans needed for your office decoration project, the brand improvement opportunities, and the user needs of both the staff and the employer, and further assist you in preparing your office decoration project budget alongside the designer selection and project design phases, helping you to understand the requirements and the underlying costs and thereby staying in control of the entire process.

2. Fit-Test

  • Review of Site Alternatives
  • Comparative Indoor/Outdoor Layout Analysis

Our architects team will draft layout plans to help you determine the best location among the alternatives for your new office. The office environment that provides for the highest efficiency and allows for building meeting and social areas is chosen, and open and closed office spaces are assessed in line with the standards to enable the best location decision prior to the decoration phase.

3. Due Diligence

  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Risk Analysis and Consultancy

After identifying the best office choice suitable to your needs and expectations we will conduct technical due diligence for your potential property/office space and analyze any possible risks in the lease contract. The technical evaluation will assess the project risks regarding:

  • General information
  • Official information
  • Project-design information
  • Project features (examining the existing architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural projects for compliance with the standards and regulations, as well as with the needs, and in terms of core and shell)

4. Architectural and Engineering Design Coordination

  • Selecting the Concept Design Architects and the Engineering Teams
  • Defining the Design Criteria
  • Value Analysis and Value Engineering
  • Application Model Definition
  • Time and Cost Plans
  • Bill of Quantities, Estimates and Technical Specifications

After identifying the suitable office space, the first step is coordinating the consistence between the interior design and the spatial plan. All elements such as desks, the meeting rooms, the reception, the kitchen, data and communication rooms, and social spaces are taken into account in this process. 

If you don’t have an assigned concept architect or don’t plan on selecting an independent architect through competition or other means, we can assign you a reliable interior architects team from among our team’s business partners to realize your office plans once the spatial plans have been prepared.

Value Analysis and Value Engineering are the techniques employed to identify the ways for reducing the costs of building without compromising on the structural properties and the quality expected by the client. Through Value Analysis, we identify the option that will give the best result and enable cost savings on the required functions and systems without compromising on factors such as quality, reliability, user desires and impression.

5. Execution Management

Selection, management and coordination of all of the site contractors, information flow and supervision that fall under the scope of Decoration Works are provided by our consultant team. Organization of the construction site, management and supervision of all site manufactures are conducted through workmanship and material quality control to ensure adherence of the manufacture to the timeframes and costs defined at the initial phase of the project.

Working together with you, we bring together the best possible and reliable providers suitable to the scale of your project and your budget—including interior designers, execution firms, furniture providers, IT and Telecom companies, transporters—and pay utmost attention to work with firms that offer a proven track record and consistency in delivering high-quality.

We believe that lowest price does not necessarily come to mean the best value.To see that your office project costs are maintained at minimum without sacrificing quality, we conduct the necessary negotiations with the selected providers, and ensure the best prices at the highest service quality throughout the project.

PYOfis works in the field to manage all execution processes. Working in close collaboration with the implementing teams and providers on- and off-site, we position ourselves at the checkpoints that will ensure the anticipated work quality and resolve any issues before the completion of the project. In short, we ensure the timely delivery of your project within the limits of your given budget and at the highest quality standards.

6. FF&E Procurement

  • Furniture and System Selection

System and furniture choices made in line with the client’s needs and the advancing technologies bear vital importance in terms of both initial investment costs and operating expenses. Given the importance of energy efficiency under today’s conditions, system efficiency can be maximized through the correct choices made in the design phase and accurate workmanship in the execution phase. Our engineers address the existing building conditions together with the climate conditions and client needs to provide support in selecting and deploying the right systems. 

7. Delivery and Commissioning

  • Testing and Acceptance
  • Final Accounts
  • Operating Manual
  • Warranties

Following the correct system choices and their execution, the systems are commissioned and tested for compliance with the design criteria. An Operating Manual, as well as the warranty certificates obtained from the contractors and sub-contractors are delivered to the building users together with the required training. Cost control is performed at the final phase by verifying compliance with the unit prices defined at the contractual phase and evaluating the new unit prices incurred in the execution based on the market conditions and contract terms.

8. Moving in

  • Administrative Processes
  • Transportation

Moving your offices to your new space will be planned for a weekend or a holiday to minimize any impact on your business. To ensure efficient use of this time, each item to be utilized in your new office space is tagged with a code for transportation. Employees can start using their security cards, telephones and computers right away, free of a ‘first day chaos’ in their new offices.